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Do you have tattoo regret
Tattoos are a popular method of body art and there are an estimated 20-30 million tattooed individuals in the world.
People get tattoos for a wide variety of reasons and likewise there is a huge range of reasons why people want to get them removed, Tattoo regret or having second thoughts about their choices is common, and although tattoos were once considered permanent, this is not now the case. If your tattoo is a reminder of a time you would rather forget or you have simply outgrown its design, contact us at Back 2 Bare Laser Tattoo removal.
Although the history of tattoo removal goes back at least a thousand years, most treatments were less than effective, involved a lot of pain, and usually left significant scarring. Some of the techniques were acid or chemical injection, dermabrasion (ie scratching or sanding it off), surgical excision or complete skin grafts. Using unsafe methods, including tattoo removal creams, without medical supervision can lead to various adverse reactions including skin irritation, infection or other complications.